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Weed Abatement Letter to Residents

Dear Resident,
We are in our weed abatement period and I feel that it is important that I reach out to you with a personal message to explain our process.  There are two entities that are involved, Waterloo Morada Fire District and San Joaquin County Community Development Department (CDD). We follow the rules of CDD and act as their eyes in the field.
We have begun surveying all of the properties within our fire district and this is why you are receiving this notice.  Your property was noticed to have an issue with weeds, if you have already taken care of the issue, disregard this notice.
We will come by again in approximately 14 days to re-survey, we will then see it has been taken care of and you will not receive a final notice. It is not necessary to contact the fire district to tell us it has been taken care of or is on a schedule to be taken care of.
For those who don’t mitigate their hazard before our final survey we will issue them a second notice and will conduct a third survey after 14 days.  If the problem still exists after that time, we will forward the property information to CDD for follow up or enforcement. 
The attached letter is from CDD and cites their legal authority.  This letter must be presented to you by us so you receive notice of the process early on.  By no means does this letter take effect unless you do nothing to mitigate an identified hazard and as I have explained we make every attempt to ensure the problem still exists before we forward it to CDD.
Sometimes we make a mistake and the weeds we notice are not on the property we think it is, if this is the case please feel free to contact us and we will send someone out to meet with you so the right person gets the notice, and I apologize in advance.
Eric Walder
Fire Chief